How to setup a NSX-V LB for vIDM

Recently I wanted to deploy a VMware Identity Manager 3.3.2 cluster with vRealize Lifecycle Manager 8.1. As a prerequisite I needed to prepare the vIDM Load Balancer. Unfortunately I was not able to find a complete overview on how to configure this with NSX-V 6.4.6. After some research and reaching out to others, I was able to find all the information I needed. This article reveals how I configured the NSX-V Load Balancer for the vIDM 3 node cluster.

Upload vdim certificate chain and the corresponding root CA certificates:

[vIDM Certificate Chain]

*In the field “Certificate Contents” add the entire certificate chain. Just like the below example.


[contents leaf certificate]



[contents root ca]


*In the field “Private Key” add the private key of the certificate in rsa format. Just like the below example.


[contents rsa private key]


Note: If your private key does not start with —–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—–, than you have to convert your private key first before NSX-V accepts your private key. You can do this for example with openssl. See my example below.

openssl rsa -in vidm-private-key.key -out vidm-private-rsa-key.key

[Corresponding Root CA]

Configure the Application Profile:

Application Profile Type: HTTPS End-To-End

Persistence: Cookie


Mode: App Session

Expires in: 3600

Insert X-Forwarded-For HTTP header: Enable

Client Authentication: Ignore

Server Authentication: Enable

Configure the Service Monitor:

Interval: 5

Timeout: 10

Max Retries: 3


Expected: 200

Method: GET

URL: /SAAS/API/1.0/REST/system/health/heartbeat


Configure the Pool:

Algorithm: ROUND-ROBIN

Monitor: VMware Identity Manager

Weight: 1

Monitor Port: 443

Port: 443


Configure the Virtual Server:

Virtual Server: Enable

Acceleration: Disable

Application Profile: VMware Identity Manager

Protocol: HTTPS

Port: 443

Default Pool: pool_vidm_443

Note: To enforce Layer 7 traffic, you need to disable Acceleration on the Virtual Server level.


That’s it… Now you can start deploying your vIDM cluster with vRLCM 8.1. 


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