Gotcha with the VRA CLOUD INFOBLOX PLUGIN 1.1 and vRA 8.1

This week I discovered an issue when configuring the vRA 8.1 IPAM integration with the VRA CLOUD INFOBLOX PLUGIN version 1.1.

When I click on the validate button, it failed with an error.

Unable to validate the provided access credentials: Failed to validate credentials. AdapterReference: http://provisioning-service.prelude.svc.cluster.local:8282/provisioning/adapter/ipam/endpoint-config. Error: Execution of action Infoblox_ValidateEndpoint failed on provider side: Infoblox HTTP request failed with: HTTPSConnectionPool(host=’pb0infblx01.flexlab.local’, port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /wapi/v2.7/networkview?_return_fields=name (Caused by SSLError(SSLError(“bad handshake: Error([(‘SSL routines’, ‘tls_process_server_certificate’, ‘certificate verify failed’)],)”,),)) Cloud account: null Task: /provisioning/endpoint-tasks/820902de-bf34-4c91-8217-e3eedd8ea609 (less)

After doing some troubleshooting with my colleagues we discovered the root cause of this error.

This blog reveals how to fix this specific error.

The core of the problem is in the way Python itself handles SSL handshakes. Most programming languages such as Java & C++ allow users to trust unconditionally a particular SSL certificate. Python does not allow that – even if you accept a particular cert as ‘trusted’ – Python still attempts to verify that the whole certificate chain is trusted (including signer, CA etc…)
This is why Infoblox (and other 3rd party providers) that are using certs that are not self-signed must be configured to return the whole certificate chain, not just the end server cert.

When I uploaded the new signed certificate chain to my Infoblox appliance everything looked fine.

However the validation of the integration failed.

When we checked the failed Action Run from the extensibility tab, we discovered that only the leaf certificate has been pulled from the Infoblox appliance instead of the certificate chain what also includes the root ca.

Apparently, I also needed to upload the root CA to my Infoblox appliance. Something I did not do because I used the complete certificate chain when uploading the new signed certificate to the Infoblox appliance.

So I added the root ca to my Infoblox appliance too.

This time when I pressed the validate button, it succeeded.

Note: You need to re-create the integration otherwise it does not work.

When looking  add the succeeded Action Runs, you now see that the entire certificate chain has been pulled.

Enjoy using the vRA Cloud Infoblox Plugin 😁🧐



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