About 2vSteaks

For a long time now I am considering to start my own personal blog and every time I found another excuse to delay it. However in March 2016, I was with my colleagues in Bydgoszcz Poland for a new engagement and during a fancy diner the topic “have your own personal blog” was on the table again.

My latest excuse for delaying my personal blog was this time the name itself. But after a couple of glasses very nice red wine and two excellent prepared steaks, the name was born.

DennisMy name is Dennis Derks and I wish you a warm welcome on my personal blog 2vSteaks. The main focus of this blog is around cloud automation based on products like vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator. Dennis is an IT professional with 16+ years of experience in the IT industry and is working as a Senior Consultant for VMware Professional Services since 2013.

disclaimerThe content presented on this website is based on my personal experiences and opinions. My employer is in no way responsible for the content presented on this website.